Mixtape Mondays Coming Soon (Like Monday)

Mixtape Mondays Coming Soon (Like Monday)

Starting Monday, I’m going to start a regular feature called Mixtape Mondays and I need your help! My first topic is prom….so readers….

What songs make you think of prom? It can just be a song from a movie, but it’s even better if it’s your own! Please include any stories (school appropriate of course). Your answers will help me compile my first “mixtape.”

Head over to my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mixtapesandcupcakes/ to submit your answers. And while you’re there, please click “Like” and “Follow.” I’m going to use this site to get more feedback and conversations going, although you can still use the comment section below if you like.

Can’t wait to read your stories and suggestions! Let’s have some fun!



8 thoughts on “Mixtape Mondays Coming Soon (Like Monday)

  1. Of course “Shout” (little bit softer now), with the whole Blues Brothers dance. And any song from Romy and Michelle. (Which works well for prom and reunion mixed tapes) 🙂
    No stories, but I did hit a cat on the way to my junior prom. I still feel bad about that one :/

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    1. I love Romy and Michelle!!! Their interpretive dance was inspirational! Haha! Also…sounds like a crappy way to start your night. Hopefully it got better!


  2. “This Is The Time” by Billy Joel.

    Other prom themes during my high school years when I didn’t actually go to the prom include “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton and “With or Without You” by U2 (that last one is a still a headscratcher).

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