“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Whitney Houston #AtoZChallenge

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Whitney Houston #AtoZChallenge

This post didn’t turn out the way I planned.

I was going to write something about how maybe it was growing up in the 80s or maybe it was all the MTV we were watching, but my cousins, my sister and I all thought it was our duty to make up dance routines to our favorite songs and entertain the adults at family gatherings.

We would pop in a Whitney Houston cassette and try to recall as many moves from the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” video as we could. After about an hour of choreography and rehearsal, we would force our families to line up chairs in the living room and watch us. If we were lucky, our Uncle Tim would have his video camera and we could get the whole thing on film. You know…for when we were famous.

Then I was going to talk about how much we all loved Whitney Houston back then. I idolized her for pretty much all of 1986 and 1987. I had a poster of her hanging on the back of my bedroom door, and sometimes I would just stare at it and try to figure out what made her so amazing. I mean, her voice obviously, but there was something else…what was it? Her eyes, her smile, her glorious head of fake hair?

I also thought about adding in how “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is one of my favorite songs to sing at karaoke, but only if my friend Heather sings with me. She took vocal lessons as a kid, so she sings much better and louder. She drowns out my terrible singing, which means I get to stand up there and pretend I’m Whitney Houston for three minutes with minimal embarrassment.

But, sigh, that post never got written. I had notes written down with every intention of fleshing it out Sunday afternoon. But Saturday night my husband and I went to a friend’s birthday party and I drank too much. Actually, it wasn’t that I drank too much, it’s that I drank the wrong thing; vodka and Red Bull, which I never drink but somebody kept buying them for me and this lady ain’t gonna turn down a free drink.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like a pile of human jello. My brain was incapable of forming basic thoughts. I laid on the couch and ate Costco croissants while watching Chicken Little with my nine-year-old.

I’m sorry, Whitney. This is not the tribute you deserve.Like Bobby Brown, I let you down.  I guess all I can say is this … I will always love you.

19 thoughts on ““I Wanna Dance With Somebody” Whitney Houston #AtoZChallenge

  1. I suppose price trumps type when it concerns alcohol. Especially here in Canada where it costs a small fortune! Great tribute to Whitney, even if it’s not the one you planned because of a big head 🙂 She’s definitely one of the greats!

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    1. Ugh. I’m still feeling the effects this morning. Anyone who is old enough to remember making dance videos to Whitney Houston songs is too old to be drinking vodka and Red Bull. Maybe if I moved to Canada I would be a more responsible adult 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. My parents had a saying that drove me nuts when I was young and overindulged and it is very appropriate to this post:”If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the fiddler.” God how I hated that when I woke up with a hangover and they knew I had been out the night before. Drink lots and lots of water.

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  3. In my younger days, I used to do cherry bombs — cherry-flavored vodka and Red Bull shots — half a dozen in a night, with only a minimal hangover the next day. I tried them again recently, drank only two, and thought I was going to die the next day.

    All this to say, I feel your pain.

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  4. Sorry for your thick head but I gotta thank you for getting that hokey pokey song outta my head by replacing it with Whitney’s. Hope you’re feeling better!

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