“Footloose” Kenny Loggins #AtoZChallenge

“Footloose” Kenny Loggins #AtoZChallenge

Ok. I don’t really  have a good story to go with this one. I just love this movie. I love it so much, I would have had  Footloose-themed wedding reception if my husband would have let me… 80s prom dresses, bow ties and nothing but Kenny Loggins all night long…oh yeah.

(If you’re currently planning a wedding, feel free to steal my idea.You could even go that extra mile and hold it in a mill on the outskirts of town for authenticity. Maybe see if John Lithgow would officiate?)

Anyway…it’s Thursday.  Let’s dance.


17 thoughts on ““Footloose” Kenny Loggins #AtoZChallenge

  1. I loved this movie, except I also think I lived this movie. My HS- girls had to wear dresses below the knee, no music with a beat was allowed, CS Lewis was banned because that evil lion drank beer, and for the love of all that’s holy, there was no dancing allowed! It leads to sin you know. Is it any wonder I chose a college 2,000 miles away? Rhonda

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    1. I posted one earlier, but took it down. I was afraid it might inadvertently offend someone. Figured it was safer to go with Footloose 🙂


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