Writers Block

Writers Block

I’ve had a really bad summer. I mean bad in epic proportions. And all this terribleness has given me terrible writer’s block. I’ve started a couple of different blog posts in the last couple weeks, but it they all just seem awful and pointless.

So, instead, I’ve been screwing around on the internet. A side benefit of all of this is finding some truly hilarious stuff. And I’m going to share them with you because these clips have made things seem less terrible and awful, and are a lot funnier than I am right now.

I stole most of these from The AV Club. See, things have gotten so bad, I can’t even find my own video clips.

A word to the wise…some of these are not kid-friendly. Sorry Mom!

For all you Grease fans out there:

For when you’ve had a truly shitty day:

If your “F*ck That” attitude is of a moreΒ new-agey persuasion:

“Horsing Around Club” or “Fight Club for Kids”:

9 thoughts on “Writers Block

    1. I wish I knew. Most of my “attempts” don’t even contain full sentences, just snippets of nonsense. It’s like I’ve lost my grip on basic syntax. So far the only remedy I’ve found is to watch more “Bob’s Burgers” and just post video clips. Hopefully we’ll pull through πŸ™‚


    1. Haha! That was my favorite one, too! I was obsessed with “Grease” when I was a kid, but the adult me thought it was great to see a “darker” side of it πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve pretty much been MIA the past two weeks because I’ve got dust bunnies rolling around in my head. Maybe we should start a support group for bloggers with writer’s block. Sorry your having such a rotten summer 😦


    1. Thanks, Christie! At some point I’m hoping to be able to write about why its been so bad, but right now I’m just too close to it. It helps to rely on the humor of others right now and let them take the wheel πŸ™‚ Even though it sucks to have writers block, it helps to know others are going through it. And we all manage to pull through somehow!

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      1. It seems like when I first started blogging I had SO much to say I could post two or three times a day. Now I struggle more often than not. I usually blog about my life, which has been pretty boring lately. That and people are probably tired of hearing me complain about living with my mother! Sending so calm, peaceful vibes your way and hoping whatever’s going on in your life is resolved quickly!

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