Random toughts on fancy spoons, tater tots and dish towels

Random toughts on fancy spoons, tater tots and dish towels

Eating dinner tonight, my 8-year-old looked at one of the serving spoons and said, “That’s my favorite spoon. I pretend it’s a queen because the bottom of it looks like a fancy dress.”

And, you know what? She was right. The spoon did look like it was wearing a dress.

The rest of the meal, my 12-year-old kept apologizing to it every time she stuck it’s “face” in the salsa jar. “Pardon me, madam. Please forgive me for being so terribly rude.”


My kids were excited that I fed them tater tots the other night. They were acting as if they had never had tater tots before. When I said, “Why are you acting like you’ve never had tater tots before?” they said, “Because we haven’t.”

How has this happened? It is certainly not because I am the type of mother who bans processed foods from the house. I forced my 12-year-old to eat a chocolate orange for breakfast the other morning. (In my defense she had been hoarding it since Christmas. It’s almost Easter. She needs to make way for Cadbury Creme Eggs.)

I have no explanation. But, it turns out I don’t need to worry about it. They ended up hating them. I actually felt a little bad about it – like because I had denied them tater tots for so long, they never developed a taste for them. Maybe I’ll feed them Twinkies for dinner tomorrow night to make up for it.


I found out my husband has a favorite dish towel. We were doing dishes the other night and instead of grabbing the towel that was already out, he opened the drawer, rooted around and pulled out the ugliest dish towel in the house. I had no idea he had a favorite dish towel, let alone that atrocity. It is faded and stained. It is literally my least favorite dish towel. He says its “funky.” It’s unclear if our marriage will survive this.

2 thoughts on “Random toughts on fancy spoons, tater tots and dish towels

  1. I will now look with renewed interest at every spoon in the utensils drawer. Who knew they could become so exciting. Thanks for sharing the fun. Can’t wait to dip one of those princesses in a dish of ice cream. It’ll freeze her face off! I think your girls have developed your sense of imagination and humor. Kudos to them for nixing the tater tots. They (the tater tots that is) leave something to be desired (maybe a lot of salt).


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