8-year-old’s Review of Disney’s “Cinderella”

8-year-old’s Review of Disney’s “Cinderella”

I lied to my daughter. She had a bag of chocolate eggs that were just sitting there on the kitchen counter, so I popped a few in my mouth when she wasn’t looking. I forgot 8-year-olds do things like count how many pieces of candy they have. A little while later, she said, “Hey, who’s been eating my candy?” My reply? “I don’t know. Are you sure there are some missing? Maybe it was your sister.”

I feel really bad, so to make it up to her, I’m letting her take over my blog for the day. Here’s what’s on her mind:


Review of Cinderella: Real Life-ish Version

I liked it. The thing I didn’t like was the Prince’s hair. It was just ugh. The stepsisters and stepmother were actually pretty (but the stepmother was very mean). The beginning was sad. The first part was kinda depressing. I mean the mother dies, then the father dies. Who doesn’t think that’s sad? I liked cinderella’s dress. I would watch it again. I think the actor of cinderella did a good job. I think it’s a kinda good movie for kids.

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